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Artificial Intelligence development

A constant competitive advantage on the market for your Company
  • Cost efficiency: OPEX reduction
  • Brand development: fruitful PR-case for market
  • Customer's loyalty: UX engagement and improvement
  • The market share growth: to make better and faster than competitors

How AI delivers real value to companies

What Machine Learning can do for your business
Natural language processing (NLP)
Call center and service desk automation, virtual assistant, website search, AutoFAQ
Object detection and pose estimation in the video stream
Video surveillance, intruder detection, industrial safety, product quality control, unmanned vehicles
Recommendation system, anti-fraud
E-commerce, online radio, video hosting and dating service UX improvement
Speech recognition
Voice assistant, smart home (IoT), respiratory disease diagnosis, engine check

we solve any tasks, which need ai technology implementation

We've helped more than 20 Companies to achieve a breakthrough in the field - significantly increasing the effectiveness, to improve service quality and make their clients happy!
Our clients:
Unilever chatbot
Bud chatbot
AstraZeneca chatbot
Viber chatbot
Glamour chatbot
MIR chatbot
Loreal chatbot
Why us?
Artificial Intelligence
Our team unites the best Data Science experts and engineers
We care about Client's wishes and build long-term partnership of digital transformation for your Business
Artificial Intelligence is our passion, we are driven by what we do, and do it well :)
Artificial Intelligence

Work stages

Business analysis and technical project
Offer several options to solve your problem|task
Research and conducting experiments
A model|prototype creation, which helps us to understand the application of AI in particular case and it's efficiency
Full stack development and design
Development and Machine Learning integration in your system or using API calls or cloud services
Create a competitive advantage on the market with AI
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