Chatbot business solution development

We create chatbots which embed into user's life and bring genuine value to clients and companies

Work stages

Your task becomes ours
We offer several solutions, benchmarking the market and competitors, ensure the best practices, choose the platform (FB, VK, Viber, Telegram, Skype for Business, etc) and the vector of further development
Product design
Business analysis, consider the main use cases and user stories, describing whole user's interaction with the bot, write the technical specification
After 1-2 weeks of development cycle we launch MVP, conduct customer development and in accordance with the results we continue development
Our clients
Unilever chatbot
Bud chatbot
AstraZeneca chatbot
Viber chatbot
Glamour chatbot
МИР chatbot
Loreal chatbot
Leave a request and we will tell you how to create the best bot for your business
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